Andy’s Story

Mayor Andy Hafen has helped lead the City of Henderson out of one of the most difficult recessions. He accomplished this feat without raising property taxes and providing efficient public services while maintaining one of the lowest public employees to citizens’ ratios in the Las Vegas Valley. As Mayor, Andy Hafen implemented cost cutting measures across all city departments, reduced public employee benefits, restricted government travel and training and postponed capital projects to save $120 million in total citywide expenditures. These measures helped pull Henderson out of an economic recession and saved the jobs of hundreds of Henderson employees.

Andy Hafen, who has lived in Henderson for more than 50 years, was first elected to the Henderson City Council in 1987. He served for six terms on the city council before he was elected Mayor of Henderson in 2009.

“It’s been an honor to serve the citizens of Henderson for nearly three decades and I’m as excited about continuing to serve as your Mayor,” Hafen said. “I still get energized when it comes to working to shape the future of this city. We have been one of the most progressive cities in America over the past 20 years and it’s because of the people of Henderson and how we work together.”

In October of 2006, Hafen was honored by the Nevada League of Cities with its “Public Official of the Year” Award for his outstanding service. He also served as President of the Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities.

“I’m as committed as ever to serving the people of Henderson,” said Hafen, who retired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 2002. “I am fortunate enough to be the in position to concentrate on public service full-time and it’s a unique and fulfilling position to be in.”
Less than 50,000 people resided in Henderson when Hafen was first elected to serve on the council. Today, more than 260,000 people call Henderson home making it the second-largest city in the state of Nevada.”

Just in the last year Henderson has been recognized national for being one of the best places to live in America. MONEY magazine in its August 20, 2012 issue ranked Henderson as the #66 best place to live in America with affordable homes identified as a key factor. Henderson ranked second in Forbes America’s Safest Cities in the December 15, 2011 issue. Henderson ranked 70th in the eighth annual 2012 “Allstate America’s Best Driver’s Report” released August 28, 2012. Henderson ranked 38th in Business Week’s first Best Cities ranking released on September 20, 2011. Forbes named Henderson one of 25 top suburbs to retire on August 1, 2011.

“It’s been a delicate balancing act for more than three decades,” said Hafen, who graduated from Henderson’s Basic High School as well as the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he received his bachelor’s degree in business administration. “I appreciate the small town appeal Henderson has and I have worked hard over the past 25 years to protect that lifestyle. At the same time, we have improved the local economy and the amenities available to our residents through our incredible growth. It’s been the No. 1 priority at the City of Henderson since I have been on the council – protect our quality of life while still developing our economy and growing smartly. What we have achieved as a community over the past three decades is nothing short of amazing.”

Andy Hafen, and his wife, Debi have been married for 39 years. They are proud parents of six children and proud grandparents of eleven grandchildren.

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