Vision and Leadership

“The strength of our community is our people. We have worked together with diligence and dedication to create an inviting place to raise a family or enjoy an active and fun retirement. We have used cooperation and consensus building to make it happen.” – Mayor Andy Hafen

Mayor Andy Hafen has the following five goals for the City of Henderson to maintain the excellence in our community.

  • Deliver programs and services that foster a safe community
    The City is committed to providing the best public safety services and programs in partnership with our residents and businesses. This includes efficient emergency response, innovative technology, prevention programs, and coordination with other public safety agencies to ensure a safe, secure, and well-informed community.
  • Strengthen and diversify the economy of the City
    The City is promoted as a destination for new residents, visitors, and relocating businesses. Our local economy is enhanced through the pursuit of businesses that leverage local resources, improve intellectual advancement, and provide opportunities and stability for our citizens.
  • Support and enhance a vibrant community to enrich the lives of our citizens
    Our residents experience a vibrant and rewarding sense of community. Our well-designed city offers recreation, cultural arts, open space, and healthy lifestyle opportunities which are critical components to preserving our community fabric and exceptional quality of life.
  • Promote and incorporate practices, policies, and procedures that support sustainability
    The City takes a progressive approach to environmental issues as it looks to promote a more sustainable future. We are committed to the protection of our natural resources and lead by example in the sustainable operation of our facilities and services. The City fosters an ethic of conservation and stewardship throughout our community.
  • Attain the highest levels of organizational excellence
    The City ensures the public trust by providing the most effective and efficient services. Excellence in public service is achieved through our commitment to citizen involvement, innovation, continual improvement, and achieving meaningful results. To be the premier community, we commit to delivering exceptional service.

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